Volunteer at Soham for Kids!

This is a repost of important information regarding our volunteer program at Soham for Kids in Hyderabad, India. Please send us an email for more information.

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The best way to end poverty is through providing education for all…

Sometimes you want to do all you can to change the world for the better, but it feels overwhelming and impossible. There is a key to making this world a better place for millions of people, and that is proven through education.  You can do your part to better the world by volunteering your time and energy into helping a child learn.  At Soham for Kids we provide the classroom, the kids, the materials, but we are missing a key ingredient: YOU!  By volunteering at Soham you can contribute to the goal of betterment for mankind one child at a time.

We provide accommodation, meals, and classroom materials. On your arrival to Mallapur we will pick you up from the airport/train station and drop you off once your term is over.

You do not need a higher education degree, but some experience with children is a plus.  You can choose which subject you would like to teach.  There are many, and can range from English and Science to Art and Sports.

The duration of the program will be completely up to the volunteer, and ranges from one to three weeks. We have a very relaxed program, but we are very accommodating to your requests.

Hyderabad Information

Hyderabad is the meeting place between north and south India and is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Situated on the Musi river banks, Hyderabad is a modern city where tradition is mixed with high tech architecture and a bustling business area. The city offers shopping centers, glass facade towers and a great atmosphere. The old part of the city can be seen by the south bank of the Musi river featuring historical landmarks such as the Charminar.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is only a 22km drive away from the city center. This airport offers flights to many different destinations all over the world and is extremely well organized and modern. There are air conditioned buses to take you to your destination after your flight. These buses operate night and day and cabs are available at the bus stops. There are Indian railway routes from all over the country to Hyderabad and of course it is possible to explore the city on foot, by hired car, by bus or in a car rickshaw. The old city is where you will find amazing buildings and temples such as the Chowmahalla Palace, situated near the Charminar, the home of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. In the new city you will find newer attractions such as the great planetarium and the Birla Mandir, one of the most impressive marble temples in India, with an amazing view across the city.

A visa is necesary for visitors from North America, Australia, Great Britain and the European Union. Your passport has to be valid for at least the next 6 months. Hyderabad is not considered to be a risk area when it comes to safety for tourists. As in any big city there are pickpockets however. Hyderabad is not considered a high risk area regarding terrorism, but it is always wise to ask for a safety update from your travel agent.


Our school Principal and location is:

Nusrat Abbasi, Soham for Kids Principal
Plot No: 176, Green Hills Colony,
Mallapur, Hyderabad – 500 076.
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Tel: +91 40 64561202
Mobile: +91 9908 187974
E-Mail: nusrat@sohamforkids.org

Please contact us further for more information on volunteering at Soham for Kids!

Joseph Roy
Manager, Soham for Kids


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