Notable Children’s Charities


1. UNICEF: An international organization established by the United Nation which provides various assistance and helping hands to children; it covers most parts of the world operating in 190 plus countries. Their criteria represent priorities of early childhood, child protection, primary education & gender equality, young child survival & development etc. It is being funded through government & humble philanthropists.


2. Save the Children: Another noteworthy international non-government organization which promotes child rights, support & relief programs to children across developing countries. Mainly from United Kingdom, and the origin dates back to 1919 in London. Their cause depicts economic development, health care, providing emergency assistance to children through quality education, helping in conflicts of natural disasters and war, and are proud to put forth a declaration of the rights of all children. They have successfully diversified in 120 countries and counting.


3. Friends International: An international non-government, social enterprise organization from Cambodia which focuses on children’s empowerment. Founded in 1994, they serve in Southeast Asian territories and worldwide as well. Their intention is to build safe havens from children from all forms of abuse and to prosper in a sustainable environment to be better productive citizens. It caters to children who have faced challenges in child labor, poverty, domestic abuse, sickness, drug abuse, separation from family etc.


4. World Vision International: A humanitarian aid organization located in California that serves through 97 countries and known to be one of the largest reliefs and development organization in the world. Their motive is simple. To bring about lasting change in the lives of children living in stricken poverty, provides child sponsorship by empowerment of income generation and self-sufficiency. It grants access to needy children by lending sanitation, clean water, education, nutrition, health care, responsible relations to livelihood and environment etc.


5. Free the Children: This is an international charity and youth movement founded in 1995 and mainly originated in Canada. It runs educational programs and campaigns in Ecuador, Ghana, Kenya, India, rural China, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone and many developing countries to give hope to the youth by becoming socially engaged. The movement started by Kiel-burger brothers astonished the world enough to motivate today’s youth into acting more sensitively by addressing issues and action on child rights.


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